Sepm not updating

In an environment where a GUP is configured, clients designated to use GUPs will reach out on port 2967/TCP to see if there is a definition update available.

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Sends a command from Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to Symantec Endpoint Protection clients to request a full scan on the client computer.This document is intended for developers who want to write applications that interact with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.It explains the basic concepts of Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager production APIs.Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager includes a set of REST APIs that connect to and perform Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) operations from a remote application, such as Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Symantec Web Gateway (SWG).You use the APIs if you do not have access to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.

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