Scientific dating of the mahabharat war

Some other time, you saw the same thing and experienced it in a totally different way. So, you want the higher aspects of you to be receptive, not the lower.Within your physical body, there are seven basic centers representing seven dimensions of experiencing life. A chakra is a certain meeting point within the energy system.But if it is properly prepared and you know where and how to apply it, sacred ash makes you much more receptive; and the place where you apply it on your body becomes more sensitive and goes towards the higher nature.So, before you step out of the house in the morning, you apply sacred ash at certain points to receive the divine around you, not the devil.The reason why these particular points have been specified is because sacred ash makes them more sensitive.Vibhuti is usually applied at the anahata so that you receive life as love.Vibhuti is not something that Shiva gave, or this or that god gave. In Indian culture, it has been looked at deeply as a tool for a person’s growth.Properly prepared sacred ash has a different vibrancy.

Vibhuti is applied at the agna so that you receive life as knowledge.This is a very deep science, but today, without understanding the science behind it, we simply apply it like a stripe on the forehead.The one who has stripes one way does not agree with the one who has the stripes another way – this is stupidity.There is a need to revive and make use of the science behind this.Most archaeologists and researchers because of the Christian tradition that the world only began some 4000 years back have limited dating two Indian history to within the past 5000 years yet there is evidence of human habitation and our ancestor's going back some 2 million years.

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