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Stephens went through the Mc Donald’s drive-thru, ordering a 20-piece Chicken Mc Nuggets and fries meal about 30 minutes before he was seen by police, WOIO-TV reports.

Mc Donald’s employees told the New York Times they tried to keep Stephens at the restaurant while they called police after recognizing him.

Cleveland shooter Steve Stephens found in Erie on Buffalo Rd by Rodger Young Park. TI — Dennis Weed (@Dennis Weed) April 18, 2017Stephens was spotted about 11 a.m.

in a Mc Donald’s parking lot by an alert citizen, who called authorities in one of hundreds of tips police received and followed up on, the state police said.

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We can be fifty-five on the outside and four and a half in terms of our impulses and habitual manner of communicating –…A trooper was not able to stop in time and slammed into Stephens’ car, causing minor damage.No police officers or members of the public were injured in the pursuit.“I want to officially announce that the search for Steve Stephens has ended,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said at a press conference.“We are grateful to the people that gave this tip to the Pennsylvania State Police. We would have preferred that it had not ended this way, because there are a lot of questions I’m sure that not only the family, but the city in general would have had for Steve as to why this transpired,” Williams said.Williams also offered condolences to the Godwin family.“You’ve all heard them on the news, they were forgiving of Steve for committing this atrocious act and we need to follow this lead,” Williams said.

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