Rowupdating not handled

So when we change the Command Name property of the buttons to some other text then it will work fine.Some other Grid Views reserved key words and their default associated events are as follow : “Cancel” – Raises the Row Canceling Edit event.When you click on edit button of the Grid View a Javascript error occurs : “Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys. Page Request Manager Server Error Exception: The Grid View ‘gd Test’ fired event Row Editing which wasn’t handled.” At first look you may think that you have not handled some events fired by the Grid View. The mystery behind this error is the property “Command Name”.The simplest solutions for this error is : Just change the “Command Name” property of the “Edit” button from “Edit” to “Edit Row”(or something else which is relevent to you but make sure it is not “Edit”). After scratching my head for sometime I found that the words like “Edit” are reserved to invoke some built in functionality of the Grid View.If you do this, your Grid View's source will be refreshed before you're able to grab the new values out of it.I'm having a very hard time understand what would prevent your event from being fired. The hashtable contains former values of the row's cells.If the grid contains templated columns or is bound to some of the fields from the data source, the Values and Old Values must be updated to add those missing values.

In my custom grid View control I cannot raise the Row Updated event.

If the values are alternated in the dictionary they are applied to the grid. The hashtable consists of the new values to be set on the row cells.

If the values are alternated in the hashtable they are applied to the grid and carried over to the data source as well.

Yes, I did put the breakpoint at the Row Updating line (and not in the function).

You have to make sure that you aren't setting your Grid View's data when it is not postback.

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