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This time, though, it had fragrance, a light, heady perfume. It ‘s really sweet.” She ambled away, seeming slightly dazed and confused.If I hadn’t been working on three other more promising strains, I might have paid it more attention. I work a crap job in the city at a consulting firm, compiling useless statistics and occasionally flying somewhere to give a presentation to someone vaguely important. I, meanwhile, was left standing speechless with a massive hard-on.I suppose I could have used more scientific means, but I was in no real rush.I didn’t even have any real plan beyond a modest hypothesis. I think even a non-gardener can infer the significance of that. I am not a botanist by trade, but gardening has been a hobby of mine since my youth. I simply find a lady worthy of my attentions, and I give her a rose. Perhaps women just fall for old-fashioned romantics? More likely is the fact that a single whiff of my roses sends them into fits of lust.This time involved flying to New York for three days at about a day’s notice. That night after I’d finished packing, I called Jenny over for dinner. Jenny almost never initiates anything sexual, and when she does it is routine. I decided to experiment, clipped one of the blue blossoms at the proper 45º angle, and followed her back into the kitchen.I worked long and hard preparing the very best five-minute microwave lasagna I could muster. I stepped up behind her and held the blue rose beneath her nose, so that she’d inhale before she could pull back.

The new rose plant didn’t stick out too much, and I didn’t pay it any attention beyond watering it until it blossomed an equally bright blue.Blue is not a normal color for most things in nature.The Arabics had a myth that a blue rose causes forgetfulness. Oh, they have bred blue roses before, just to see if it can be done, but most breeds are only a light, paisley blue. They were an amazing breed, and alone would make my name among the gardening community. So though they were very beautiful, they weren’t really suitable for my purposes.Let me make a long story short by saying that I have a very big greenhouse and a lot of time on my hands.Jenny got roses every time I saw her; I even started leaving them on her doorstep every day just so I wouldn’t waste the poor things.

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    A profile of New York City's Filipino American population, based on an analysis of 19 U. census data, showed that Filipino New Yorkers surpassed non-Filipino New Yorkers as a whole in terms of income.

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    Being the sexual bottom or bottoming is a preference and may differ from established dominance roles.