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The very serious condition of STS is likely to hit this type – Success Trap Syndrome. Rowling recently released a crime novel under a pseudonym (The Cuckoo’s Calling) – she later claimed that it was a wonderful freedom to write under another name, without the expectations from the Harry Potter series and The Casual Vacancy weighing her down. Authors and publishers alike should avoid STS at all costs.

Laziness, snootiness and high expectations that everyone else should be doing the work are all symptoms (actually, this sounds a lot like characteristics from ‘Unsuccessful Authors’, but these authors have actually made sales before resorting to this behaviour). Admittedly, after it was revealed that Rowling wrote the book (not ‘Robert Galbraith’), sales did rocket, but the novel itself has been critically praised. In the next blog post we’ll be looking at dead authors, and authors who might as well be.

Above all, if you’ve written a book that isn’t selling well, don’t blame the public. But, if it appeals to only 1,000 people, then your sales will struggle.

Agents and publishers use market size as a primary filter to decide which book projects they accept.

I thought we could spend the next two blogs discussing this multi-post article by Rob Eagar from Digital Book World, classifying and discussing the four types of authors in the world: Unsuccessful Authors, Successful Authors, Authors Who Play Dead and Dead Authors. To be honest, when I first discovered this article, I scoffed with disbelief – how could he possibly categorise every type of author in the world into such small groups?

The author provides a helpful matrix graph that shows where each type of author stands.

If they don’t think a book can sell at least 10,000 – 20,000 copies quickly, they’ll usually pass.

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I hear this question on a regular basis from authors across America. However, there are a few ways to identify the root problem. In contrast, if your book is struggling to sell, the problem is usually associated with one or more of the following issues: You could write the best book in the world.

Support for marriage equality is rising among all Americans, according to two new national surveys.

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