Rickenbacker guitar dating

okay here is the real answer; I don't know if CTS pot have always been used or not,lets assume they were not ..are the pot codings to several USA componant manufacturers CTS=137 Centralab=134 clarostat=140 Stackpole=304 in a six digit code the 4th digit corresponds to the last digit of manufacture.

Coincidence or not, after The Jam more acts started to be seen playing a Rickenbacker, and there are plenty of 80's and 90's bands who've used one: U2, The Smiths, R. M., Oasis, Boo Radleys, Radiohead, Ride, Lush and even Sleater-Kinney: Rickenbackers are still very popular, and here at PMT you'll find the full range of Rickenbacker guitars.Yes, there's no way around this fact: Rickenbacker guitars ain't cheap!But there's one reason why, for over eight decades, the brand has been at the top of their game, making some of the most desirable guitars available: Rickenbackers sound truly special, look unique, and are perfect for the guitarists who demand only the best.Many top artists have been using Ricks in recent years, from Manic Street Preachers' James Dean Bradfield to Pete Doherty, from Courtney Love to newer acts such as Kasabian and up-and-coming psych Aussies Tame Impala.Rickenbacker basses have a unique sound and feel, with much narrower necks than Fender bass guitars, and a wide range of sounds.

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