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So we decided to name our brewery Town In City Brewing Company in honor of Houston’s first official suburb that was established way back in 1896.

✔️Tickers Welcome – Big Selection 👍 True-to-Style Beers Available 🍻 Beer to GO ❄️ AC 🌮 Kitchen Onsite Inside the Loop – Heights Founded: January 2016 Known For: Having a great sense of humor Beer to Try: Nuke the Whales, Mini Boss IPA, Buckle Bunny, Space Train, Moo Caliente Eureka Heights Brewing Company was forged in the dark depths of the Eureka Heights fault line and the hellfire of Houston summer.

Dubbed the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, this first ever air-conditioned domed stadium coincided with Houston’s launch into the global spotlight.

🤓 Beer Nerds Welcome – Hype Beers Available 👍 True-to-Style Beers Available ✔️Tickers Welcome – Big Selection ❄️ AC 🌮 Kitchen Onsite Inside the Loop – Washington Ave./Memorial Park Founded: December 2011 Known For: Houston’s most creative brewery Beer to Try: Great White Buffalo Wit, Saigon Sunset, Buzz Nutz, Buffalo Sunset, Big Black Cowbell Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company is a new twist on an old craft.We’ll continue to visit each and every brewery below to find out a bit more about their history, what makes them unique and what sort of beers they offer. If you know something we don’t, hit us up on IG, Facebook, or shoot us an email here.We’ll also be writing reviews of their beers and our experience at the brewery. Key: 🤓 Beer Nerds Welcome – Hype Beers Available 👍 True-to-Style Beers Available ✔️ Tickers Welcome – Big Selection 🍻 Beer to GO ❄️ AC 🌮 Kitchen Onsite (Nearly all Have Food Trucks) Inside the Loop – Near Northside Founded: June 1994 Known For: Texas’ Oldest Craft Brewery Beer to Try: Ale Wagger, Art Car IPA, Icon Series, 5 O’Clock Pils, Pub Crawl Pale Ale One of the Houston Breweries that started it all. Founded by Brock Wagner and Kevin Bartol, we chose Houston because, other than living here, this was the largest city in the country that did not have a microbrewery.Swing by our neighborhood taproom and say hi and cheers with us!Constantly rotating experimental beers in a clean, AC’d taproom make for a great time at Great Heights.

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