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“People started sending us emails asking to build a bot for them,” Kuyda said. The response Kuyda and the team received from users interacting with the bot, people who had never even met Mazurenko, was startling.However, remember that some of our naughty dating members like to enjoy discreet dating.So always keep your adult dating experience respectful. The bot was the subject of an excellent story by Casey Newton of The Verge. Using the chatbot structure she and her team had been developing for Luka, Kuyda poured all of Mazurenko’s messages into a Google-built neural network (a type of AI system that uses statistics to find patterns in data, be they images, text, or audio) to create a Mazurenko bot she could interact with, to reminisce about past events or have entirely new conversations. Kuyda’s company, Luka, decided to make a version that anyone could talk to, whether they knew Mazurenko or not, and installed it in their existing concierge app.

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