Quicken historical prices not updating

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The Quicken Mobile Companion App for i Phone and i Pad syncs with Quicken desktop, so you can make smart decisions with your money no matter where you are.It wasn't trying to be like the MDI (Multiple Document Interface) "peer applications" of time. I tried culling the data, to include just the last 10, then 5, then 2 years. I got downloaded transaction data like "JITB#45,21312323423,$%@#[email protected] - .95" and wondered why my bank was swearing at me, rather than telling me I spent .95 at Jack In the Box on the corner of Walker and Jenkins then plotting it on a map.It focused on one thing and one thing only - to be a local register for all your money. Of course, this isn't all Money's fault, it's the banks, it's the data consortiums like OFX and IFX and it's the back end systems. It paints unspeakably slowly, and in the 5 months I've been using it, it's updated itself at least three times, presumably in order to play well with Vista. Chasing data feeds in order to get my small mind around my smaller money. I use their online tools, and they continue to get better, adding Ajaxy goodness, some powered by Corillian/Check Free (my employer). Desktop App" Sells will disagree vehemently, but if I can get an application online, I'm more likely to use it, and use it often.Do you use Quicken, Quick Books or Microsoft Money?Do you connect to your bank from inside those apps?

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