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A script side is very simply a portion of your script.

You normally need these for two reasons: Script sides used to be a hassle, and would require you to search through your script to find out which scenes have which roles, and then you need to specify which pages you wan to print out - all of this eating up valuable time. Simply filter your script by scene or cast or even a specific element like a prop or a particular costume if need be - whatever you need.

A breakdown is a notice that casting offices release to agents containing important information about the production.

Make sure to bring those script sides with you to your audition.

Actors Access is definitely at the top of the list.

Check out our script sides for the Mia/Coffee Shop auditions below: As you can see, there are no hanging pages or portions of scenes, which is not standard.

In the past, you would have hanging portions of a previous or the next scene because you had to print based on the page number.

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