Pottery dating techniques

With their clay effigies and nativity scenes Panduro and his descendants enriched Tlaquepaque's pottery heritage.Capula is a small village in Michoacan state with a pre-Hispanic pottery tradition.Handmade domestic wares have been replaced by mass produced cheaper ceramic.In order to survive, most Mexican pottery styles have shifted to decorative pieces.

The clay pieces found from that period are gourd shaped and were probably used to carry water.

Talavera brand is reserved by law to this earthenware.

Two legitimate talavera workshops are "Talavera Uriarte" who keeps with the traditional designs and "Talavera de la Reyna" sought after for its contemporary styles.

Throughout the colony, the Spaniards introduced the potter's wheel, the enclosed kiln, lead glazes, pigments extracted from metal oxides and shapes such as the tile, the candle holder and the olive jar.

The New Spain was part of the commercial route between the Philippines and Spain.

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