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The date and time of results can be viewed in your score page after submitting the test.If you took the test after the results are published, you will get to see your results instantly.This will erase your scores, activity and bookmarks. This feature is available only on the Marrow website, not the App.Once reset, you can start your QBank practice with a clean slate. As of now, there is no option to reset an individual module. Create a custom module on your laptop/PC: https:// There will never be a time or day when you will be completely ready for a Grand Test. All Grand tests need to be taken irrespective of your stage or level of preparation during the allotted time window with strict discipline. This applies even if you renew your subscription or purchase a new subscription.As we are not limited to a single city, we can afford to bring together the best teachers from all over India on a single platform.

Kindly follow the below steps to reset your QBank: 1. However, you can review the answers of a test any number of times after submitting.

This makes sure our MCQ modules and video lectures are error free and up to date. However, you can always revise the MCQs & explanations from the review page.

You can also bookmark the MCQs you want to solve again, which you can access from your bookmarks section.

If we need additional clarification, or if we have made a change, you will get an email from us. Click on Reset Using the new feature Custom Modules, you can now design your own MCQ modules in the Marrow website on your computer.

You can perform a reset for your QBank once in 4 months. You can decide the difficulty level, subject and number of questions in the custom module you want to generate.

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