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The pills are those dissolve-able capsules that turn into foam shapes. ) Take turns putting the little foam shape somewhere your spouse can find it. Kind of funny and childish, but it is fun to suddenly see this foam dinosaur in the book I’m reading, under the toothpaste cap, in a pocket, beneath a deodorant cap. Just reuse until it takes a casualty – like ours did. Now singles with autism, epilepsy, lupus, an STD, and 40 other illnesses can come out of the closet and meet new friends and date prospects without stressing about when to tell someone they like that they’re sick.Thanks to its compassionate premise, Prescription4Love has become a go-to dating resource for individuals who don’t want their health conditions to hold them back in love and life.No matter what you might be struggling with or simply just living with, you’re not alone.At, you can find others dealing with the same medical concerns as you – and finding love along the way.The people who dreamt up this site realize that facing a life changing illness is difficult enough for anyone and especially singles.The site gives easy to use features to ensure that members will be able to navigate their way around, meeting others locally and from around the world who share the same health condition.

The site has been featured in major news publications as well as popular radio shows.People you'll meet here have health condition varying from very mild to critical.To give you an idea some of these are: allergies, arthritis, burn victims, cancer, deaf and hard of hearing, diabetes, epilepsy, hepatitis, herpes, HIV (Aids), HPV, infertility and impotence, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, little people, lupus, multiple sclerosis, obesity, paraplegic, Parkinson's Disease, quadriplegic, recovering alcoholics and transplant patients.Do you have any comments, complaints or something to say about The Scoop: Prescription4is a niche dating site on a heartfelt mission to support singles with sensitive health conditions.

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