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IMPORTANT: When entering an email address, use your free Gmail account.The system seems to be incompatible with custom addresses (even if it’s also Gmail). I had to wait 24 hours for that schedule to expire so I could try to schedule again. I dunno what the issue is exactly, but that’s the only thing I did differently this time around was change the email address, so that might be it.If no name change involved, no need to bring other IDs because your current e-passport serves as your ID. If you’re “renewing” an older, non-e-Passport, you will have to bring a PSA Birth certificate because it will considered a new application.For minors aged 7 and below, no need for appointment.For regular passport renewal, there are only 3 requirements: The first thing you should do is set an appointment. Don’t apply a month before your target travel date.Because of the volume of applications, the schedule that they might give you is way too far away. Often, the application form is to be filled out online.

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For other specific cases (late registered, have no birth certificate, illegitimate child, etc.), visit the DFA consular website for the list of additional requirements.Seguerra is the child of Decoroso "Dick" Seguerra (of Calauag, Quezon) and Caridad "Caring" Yamson-Seguerra (of Bicol Region).He studied in Operation Brotherhood Montessori Center and later enrolled at the College of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Santo Tomas and acquired a college degree.Don’t forget to bring a photocopy of your passport’s information page.There are photocopy machines at the DFA center, but it’s better to bring your own to avoid wasting time queuing.

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