Online sax chat without sinp up

I allowed my daughter to put this on her i Pod, not putting nearly as much time into looking it over as I should have.

After clicking that persons account I saw there were hundreds of similar and worse pornographic videos of underage children, women and men including some sexual acts. A local new stations will be doing a news story on this and I am trying to alert as many parents as possible. I contacted about the concerns on pornographic and other inappropriate issues raised in some of the comments below.The BIG problem is that a lot of the available music and sound bites contain all the very adult language and innuendo you hear on the radio.So when left to her own devices, I found my 10 year old lip syncing to suggestive lyrics she didn't even understand.We have young kids and their friends have this app. After reading reviews on here and doing a little investigating it is coming right off.Yes you can make a private profile but that only allows your child not to be seen by others without permission.

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