Not intimidating quotes

I went through a bit of a punk phase in high school, which wasn’t very common at the high school I attended.My friends all knew who I was and that I was a sweet person, but people who didn’t take the time to get to know me were definitely intimidated.But if you’ve ever been told that are intimidating, you know how strange it is to imagine that you, with your flaws and insecurities and weird habits, could ever produce such a feeling in another human. We asked seven women to open up about intimidation, a topic all of us can relate to, but that we rarely speak about.What does it really mean to be intimidating as a woman? “A woman who is confident and doesn’t take no for an answer.I live life as an experiential marketer and creative with some crazy ideas and sometimes people are going to love them and some people are going to laugh behind your back.Now I just laugh back—if you don’t like my idea I just keep moving along.I have definitely been nervous on my first meeting with some of my celebrity clients and after ten minutes I take a breathe and remember that they hired me for a reason and to pull it together. I think if you look away it will show you are intimidated or uncomfortable. If I ever felt intimidated, I would show someone kindness and a huge smile.I also have a rule, ‘I only work with nice people.’ I will never work with someone that makes me feel bad or intimidated in a negative way.” “To me it means that people look up to you and your success–not just at work but your personal life as well. If we made a connection, I would make her feel more at ease through humor and see if there is any way I could help.” “It means that you are owning your space, your power and your voice in the world.

To be frank, the people that say women are ‘intimidating’ seem to be living a few decades in the past.” “Ha—yes.

Really, they have strong values, work ethic, and options that they aren’t afraid to share.” “When I think of intimidating I think of a few scenarios.

It could be seen as someone that is unapproachable but also it could be seen as someone that maybe knows more than the other, someone with more experience, or a higher title.

A girl that was a few years younger than me in high school told me she was intimidated by me, until I led a school-wide protest for a kid that was unfairly punished for something he didn’t do.

She realized that I wasn’t intimidating, I just had strong morals and values, and she thought I was a great person after that.” “I get to know them, and learn as much from them as possible.

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