Norfolk speed dating

Fraim’s overwhelming popularity across party lines won him 94% of the votes in his last election.

With lots of cash in the coffers and his connections within the city it would have made it all but impossible for anyone to run successfully against him.

The trouble could lie in the fact that you don't have a concise and sharp networking pitch.sessions connect members with each other in a fixed minimum time to either build bridges that can help you move your projects forward or simply to get feedback or inspiration by sharing ideas and tips!

Ms Owen added: “The station holds lots of different events throughout the year in effort to raise money to restore the station and the trains back to the former glory and gives locals and tourists a place of interest to visit.

“It's amazing how many people that live locally pop down and say they didn't know this place was here, so it's good to hold these events and raise awareness.”- Visit the website for more information or to book tickets.

Term limits would break the power that a shadow government of local un-elected insiders can have over long term incumbents, and stop the influence peddling in Norfolk that is being litigated in federal court today in the Burfoot case.

Often entrepreneurs get caught up in the finer details of their business but don't see that this may be hard to absorb for someone hearing about it for the first time.

Identify the key aspects of your business that make it dynamic and don't inundate your audience with too many facts. Just like when you send in a CV, the objective is not to drown people with details.

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