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That annual sum comprises two separate elements: Each year you will receive a statement showing the total sum paid to you.This will comprise the capital amount (non-taxable) and the income amount (taxable) less the tax deducted.You can buy NS&I products directly from the NS&I website or over the phone.Some NS&I products pay returns that are free from income and capital gains tax.However, the term ‘savings income’ is sometimes used to include dividend income.It is also used interchangeably with ‘investment income’.Varies from instant access for some savings accounts to several years for bonds and savings certificates.Bonds and certificates can usually be cashed in early but there will usually be financial penalties for doing this. Your savings or investments are secure and backed by HM Treasury however much you save or invest, subject to any early encashment penalties on some investment products.

Returns vary depending on the product you choose – for more information, check the NS&I website.Savings income also includes income such as purchased life annuity payments and gains from life assurance contracts, as well as the interest element of PPI pay-outs.Technically, savings income does not include dividend income, such as dividends or distributions from: Dividend income is subject to different rates and allowances.Before you sign up with a debt relief company Debt relief companies typically charge a percentage of a customer’s debt or a monthly program fee for their services.And they aren’t always transparent about these costs or drawbacks that can negatively affect your credit score.

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