Msa 1500 firmware updating guide

bounded-resize:width=1570/image.orig" data-src-base="/content/dam/hpe/shared-publishing/images-norend/generic-named/Longview PS-16-9-FCS-2hpetransform/" data-alt="Image representing Longview Public Schools and HPE storage capacity case study"The hybrid flash, clustered solution lets Longview add storage capacity as the district grows, while improving the perceived speed performance, extending device lifecycle, and lowering replacement costs.Investing in modernizing your IT storage capabilities isn’t always clear of challenges like affordability.Here is what I did: In the documents section, get the firmware release notes, firmware update guide, and command line overview documents. All the warnings about data loss and doing backups, etc apply here, you've been warned.In the software and downloads section, you have the option of choosing a bunch of different O/Ses, including RHEL/SLES.

The trick is to select Tru64 as your O/S, and then they are listed.

It implemented set-and-forget flash-ready storage with built-in, real-time data tiering and achieved 40% cost savings.

bounded-resize:width=1570/image.orig" data-src-base="/content/dam/hpe/shared-publishing/images-norend/generic-named/Longview PS-16-9-FCS-1hpetransform/" data-alt="Image representing Longview Public Schools and HPE storage capacity case study"To boost the storage capacity of its Microsoft Hyper-V hosts, the school district opted for a flexible base model HPE MSA SAN Storage with a total capacity of 28.8 TB to support a three-host Hyper-V cluster.

This is a little “how to” for updating UConnect firmware yourself.

First, visit the UConnect upgrade site, whose URL may have changed since we posted this.

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