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Here are a few ideas on how to make The Rock more intimidating. Vegas does it with their parade into T-Mobile as well as their awesome show, Nashville has their music and Philly has their pure hatred and venom. Finding a way to get the place fuller for warm-ups would be a good first step. The Rock needs more juice in the building from the get go. Enough already with the fan friendly tunes all the time.Blasting something like Intruder by Van Halen during warmups and when the teams come out for the period sends a message that the Devils and their fans mean business.Let’s get actual, knowledgeable, passionate hockey fans on top of the opponents bouncing around and screaming their lungs out in an effort to make them lose a bit of composure.It works for Duke at Cameron, the Raiders in the Black Hole and for Clemson at Death Valley.

But remember, there's also that UConn women's team that plays there, and draws the same always-noisy, high-energy crowd as the guys, making this a great atmosphere to watch either team.

Coach Wooden didn't believe in home court advantages and designed an arena with seats far from the court, which, even after a 2011 renovation, leaves the best part of this arena as the banners in the rafters and Leo Di Caprio on the sidelines.

Opened: 1967Capacity: 13,751 "The house that Cazzie built" eventually needed renovations, and in 2012 it got 'em, going from a pretty average and unmemorable college hoops venue to a modern arena with bright concourses and better food, but maintaining the history that's made Big Blue a basketball perennial.

And while March Madness is still the major draw in college hoops, the regular season is fun to watch if for no other reason than to appreciate the history and traditions in the field houses and modern arenas across the country.

And should you find yourself in a college hoops hotbed this winter -- or even in San Diego -- there are a few arenas you absolutely must visit.

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