Methods of validating questionnaire Kerala cam sex chat

In order to perform data coding, read through the responses and group them into categories.

For instance, responses that are related to customer service can be coded under the category “Customer Service”.

Data coding simply means converting the nominal and ordinal scale data in such a way that the statistical package to be used can handle the survey data accurately.

This step is actually performed when you design the questionnaire, but the data codes become helpful during data analysis.

After administering the survey, the next step in survey research process is to analyze the responses of the participants.

However, the main shortcoming of the mail questionnaires is that sometimes respondents do not bother answering them and they can just ignore the questionnaire.Telephone questionnaire Researcher may choose to call potential respondents with the aim of getting them to answer the questionnaire.The advantage of the telephone questionnaire is that, it can be completed during the short amount of time.It is a usual practice that ordinal scales (five-point scale, seven-point scale, etc) are converted into their numerical equivalents, as in a five-point scale, where in “strongly agree” is equivalent to “5” whereas “strongly disagree” is equal to “1”.On the other hand, it is best to use advanced statistical procedures such as Spearman’s rank correlation and Kendall’s tau to determine the relationship among the ordinal scale variables.

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