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She doesn’t care if he’s married, engaged, or in a serious relationship – she’s just desperate for a man.

The nasty sloot managed to hook up with my now ex-boyfriend and he ended up with a DRD.

I’ve also heard that her pu55y is so bad and she knows it. Work # is This b1tch will pretend to be your friend, beg you for money cause her old a55 can’t keep a job, and when you turn your back she’ll fuk your wife. top narcissistic dope fiend and wh*re who uses people for her own pleasure and then spits them out when she is done using them.

She only offers the backdoor for her men because they don’t want the floppy pu55. She’s a nasty trash hoe living off section 8 housing, has a child she didn’t raise, huge gap tooth with plaque all across her bottom teeth ready to give your vagina a bacterial infection! A well known liar and cheater who cheated on a boyfriend that she was in a 2 year relationship with so she can be a lesbian with dope fiends, and screwed over a dude she called “the best friend she ever had.” Has been arrested countless times to where she doesn’t give a damn about herself or her children like she says she does, instead chasing drugs, floozy, and crimes.

She lured him into her home wrecking world and they filed for divorce from their spouses that they had children with within just a few days of each other.

That should tell you something about her character right there. So if you’re interested in a sloot on the slower side, she’s your girl!

This piece of work sleeps with any new guy who moves to town.

She is especially fond of golfers and hangs out at the golf course hoping to find a lonely drunk guy to hook up with.

She will pretend to be your frowns untill she’s close enough to your man So this person contacted the wife to state that she was mad that the husband, Justin Story, was lying about leaving the wife lol.

She was upset that her supposedly special vagina was not enough.

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