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There’s some money for hen-do and stag-dos, but it was mainly out of my pocket. It definitely caused some friction with some of the family members!

I think they put money towards travel or something. Lots of people think, ‘No one would do that for free’, but actually I spent quite a lot of money on the process." "There are six options of lots of different things – type of food, music, style and theme of wedding. The whole day for me was a bit of a blur, it happened quickly but not memorably. The day started at 9am with my groomsmen getting ready, it didn’t sink in until the taxi on the way there.

Can you talk us through your story, who you are, all that kind of stuff’.""When they asked me the questions, they said, ‘We’re a production company. We want to talk to you about you and your dating history - that’s what it’s going to revolve around’.

I didn’t know what it was for until after they had tested me for video screening.

You go on honeymoon, you move back to the apartment they rent for you.

You’re now living with a complete and utter stranger, which is fine, and the camera crew pop in once, twice, three times a week to talk to you to see how everything’s going, but that’s it."I felt like there should be more to it.

I put high on my criteria that they had to be at least 5ft 5” to 6ft, and Melissa is 5ft. So I did feel like they hadn’t really matched us on my criteria."We both think we were matched with other people before and they pulled out half way through the process.

I think the experts massively messed up because our lives were never going to work together.""When we had our first big issue, we did a Skype counselling session with Channel 4’s relationship advisor, Jo.

And we talked through and explained the situation to her, and I just didn’t feel supported.

I had no interest in it, though, because once I watched the programme I knew for a fact I wouldn’t get on with these people and they wouldn’t be my friends – that’s not horrible to them, we’re just very different people.""But there’s no financial gain from going on the show.

There’s budget for things – her wedding dress, a small budget for the suits. From what I understand, Melissa got what she wanted for the wedding – but I believe the wedding day is about the woman anyway, so it was fine.""You also have a guest limit – I was only allowed to invite 20 people.

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