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There are more than 300 fields here - such situation is unique not only for Ukraine but also for Europe.

There are mines of uranium (the largest in Europe), kaolin, titanium and iron ore, gold in the region.

In Soviet times the city grew and it increased its industrial and economic potential.

Now the city is divided into two administrative districts - Leninsky District and Kirovsky District, and the village Nove subordinated to the municipal council of Kirovograd.

The city was founded in 1754 by Russian troops as the fortress of Saint Elizabeth in order to protect the southern part of the empire from attacks by the Turks and Crimean Tatars.Kirovograd is a city in Ukraine, the administrative center of Kirovograd region.The city's population is more than 250 thousand people (according to 2001 census).The city is located in the valley of the Ingul (tributary of the Southern Bug), where the rivers Sugokley and Biyanka flow in it.The major railway station «Chornoliska-Pomichna» and bus stations are situated in Kirovograd.

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