Is andy biersack still dating juliet simms

Juliet Simms has writing which goes all the way around her upper right arm.It is lyrics from her husband Andy Biersack’s band Black Veil Brides: “When I hear your cries, Praying for life, I will be there” from the song “Saviour.” She first showed off this tattoo in October 2011 at the same time as her “Andy” tattoo.The band was first called Stars and Scars and recorded its first song together in December 2005, naming the song after the band but written by Simms. Simms acoustically laid down all of the songs she had been writing over the last three years for consideration for her first major label album.Signed by Allison Hagendorf, host of Fuse TV's The Pop TV Show, then working at Epic Records, Simms went on to form Automatic Loveletter while Epic struggled with the Sony BMG 2005 Payola Scandal and internal problems finally dropping over 70 bands in 2007. All of her tattoos have personal meaning and stories behind them.She told Inked Magazine: "All my tattoos are completely original.

She also updated the crescent moon on her index finger.Juliet Simms and pal Julianne Hope got matching finger tattoos in April 2015.Both girls have the word “fire” written in cursive on the insides of their index fingers, but Juliet opted for red ink while her friend chose black. New tattoo by the incredible @robertatkinson_tattoo ? Check out his tattoo shop on Ventura in Sherman Oaks!In August 2011, Juliet Simms got two tattoos for her husband Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides, also known as Andy Six or Andy Black.Andy has “Dragonfly” tattooed on his left hand, which is his nickname for Juliet; and she has her nickname for Andy, “White Rabbit,” tattooed on her right hand.

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