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Ireland has a very vocal pro-choice lobby, and social media has been instrumental in galvanising support, but an ultra-conservative right, backed by the Church, makes it difficult for any real progress to be made.Beware crossing the Irish pro-lifer – when prime minster Enda Kenny pushed through a bill introducing limited abortion into Ireland for the first time, he received death threats, plastic foetuses and even letters written in blood.So for years, I thought sex was basically a threesome with some bearded man co-ordinating.’ …and abortion is still a dirty word ‘When I was in first year at school, there was a rumour that a girl a few years ahead of us was pregnant,’ recalls Galway girl Ciara, 27.

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‘Nobody batted an eyelid that the waiter was serving us our coffees at the time.The lack of proper sex education has worrying implications for Ireland’s teenagers.According to a 2011 UNICEF report, 21% of Irish teens admitted to watching pronography to teach themselves about sex, while more than a third believed it was accurate and educational.I know several women who have no intention of moving in with their boyfriends until they get married.It’s nothing to do with religious beliefs; they simply know they’re on to a good thing. She gave me my space, but when I had a heavy night out, she made the best fry-ups and wrapped me up in the special quilt reserved for hangovers. ’ -style over sharing at brunch isn’t a thing It’s not that Irish women aren’t having sex – it’s hard to find anyone under 30 who’s saving themselves for marriage these days – but attitudes towards casual sex on the Emerald Isle aren’t massively liberal either.

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