Intimidating behaviour at work

Others may feel that they are on an emotional rollercoaster with the person.

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If you are an individual or manager doing any of the above, either knowingly or unknowingly, it’s critical that you stop your actions. If you are the coworker of an individual experiencing mistreatment, question it and tell someone.It’s all of our responsibilities to make sure they leave everyday, at a minimum, with their self-respect, dignity, and well-being intact and unscathed by our actions.If they aren’t, we’re not doing our jobs and we risk good employees eventually walking away when they realize they don't need to be treated this way anymore.Generally speaking, an act of gross misconduct is considered to be serious enough to overturn the contract between employer and employee, so justifying summary dismissal.However, even in these cases it's still vital that the employer follows a fair procedure as for any disciplinary offence.

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