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Her self-constructed Mohawk sprouted from the center of her head like an exotic cactus. Campbell secured it with a drawstring and a heavy application of hair spray, then buzzed the sides to a close shave."I like it because it's different," she said."If you have real hair, you can make this look in 15 minutes."Jean-Paul Folch, 29, a computer programmer, decided two months ago on a more gradual trim than the full shave of a complete Mohawk."We did a few earlier this year that had the look of the fauxhawk, but they were a bit more aggressive than that, with big fluffy bits you could tie up and with lighter colors as well.It gives them a softness that makes them look cool."One example of that look would be Wykerria Campbell, 19, of Newark, who works for E-ZPass and drew stares as she walked across Christopher Street in Greenwich Village last week.The result is a hybrid of looks, including the mulladour -- half mullet, half pompadour -- or as in the case of Maddox Jolie, the hawkapoo, referring to the popularity and cutesiness of certain curly mixed-breed poodles."Like a lot of things in beauty, what was considered ugly last week is probably going to be beautiful next week," said Howard Mc Laren, the creative vice president of the Bumble & Bumble salon in New York. Mc Laren is an advocate of the modern Mohawk, which is also making a comeback on skateboarders in Santa Monica, Calif., and among hipsters in Hoxton, London's answer to the meatpacking district in Manhattan."Everyone should have one at some point in their life," Mr. "The first really cool one I saw was about five years ago in Paris when the designer Jeremy Scott shaved one side of his head and wore his hair off to the side.It was floppy and not all gelled up, trying to be some kind of fin."Mr.He described the approach as "a little crazy, but not too crazy.""I've seen a few people doing variations of the Mohawk, so I wanted to do my own thing," Mr.


That historic photograph of the Mohawked paratroopers popularized that daring haircut around the world -- and one of the world's most enduring fads was off and running. Sports heroes in almost every sport from football to hockey,lacrosse, basketball, swimming, wrestling, baseball, you name it . I also love Mohawks on women -- they can be sexy as hell.

Two years later, another much more famous photograph in the Army newspaper "Stars & Stripes" showed American paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division wearing eye-catching Mohawk haircuts as they parachuted behind Nazi lines in the D-Day Invasion of June 6, 1944. They'll probably be astounded to discover that you've got a lot more guts than they ever suspected you had -- and they'll admire the hell out of you for that. Take a look at the photos below of the amazingly broad spectrum of highly respected American icons, celebrities and athletes sporting Mohawks -- and loving it. plus movie stars, military heroes, rock stars, classical musicians, gospel singers, music ministers at fundamentalist churches, journalists, entire high school football teams -- and tens of thousands of upstanding, responsible, everyday Americans. As the New York Times reported, the Mohawk has finally -- at long last -- achieved respectability and acceptance . Since I'm a guy, I'm only able to view the world's greatest haircut from a male perspective.

If a fully shaved head was now perfectly acceptable for men -- and it is indeed -- then so too was a shaved head. So you can thank the popularity of shaved heads for the fact that you can now wear your Mohawk almost anywhere, including at many workplace settings. So here’s the one place to get the answer to that big question you’re asking: “How will people react if I suddenly show up, looking like an Indian warrior? Part of the unwritten code shared by the fraternity of Mohawked guys is that they always let people see their Mohawk wherever they go . He later became a well-known leader of the Mohawk tribe. I'll trace the Mohawk's gradual evolution as a cherished part of genuine Americana -- perfected here by Native American tribes.

For a much more detailed history of the Mohawk -- with numerous historic photos of Mohawked American soldiers during all the nation's wars beginning with World War Two -- see my other blog on this same Web page titled "The Military History of the Mohawk." But in this article, I'll deal mainly with the Because, after all, a Mohawk is just one form of head-shaving, therefore this blog, in recounting the history of the Mohawk, will -- of necessity -- have to also discuss in passing some other types of head-shaving that have played a role in the development and rapidly growing popularity of the Mohawk. Because when head-shaving became more popular, more playful, more fun, and more widely accepted during the past two decades, that's precisely what paved the way for the widespread acceptance of Mohawks. That’s what makes it so much fun…..because you have courage enough to do what 90% of the other guys secretly wish they had the courage to do. Above all -- never, EVER wimp out and cover up your scalp lock with a hat. even in formal situations where you know some people may be shocked. Like this genuine Mohawk Indian, Billy Two Rivers, who proudly wore the eye-catching haircut as a well-known professional wrestler from the 1950s through the 1970s.

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