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It’s a system that works far better than rival social networking apps on other Android devices we’ve tried, though it does lack some of the scope of MOTOBLUR which covers more online networks (like My Space, for instance).

With Android 2.1 underneath you get screenshots in the Android Market, Google Maps Navigation with free turn-by-turn directions and – in the most recent update – public transport scheduling for some transit providers, and all the usual Google apps like Gmail and the You Tube player.

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HTC Wildfire unboxing: [vms 8e41c89689f54970bb35] There’s also a 5-megapixel autofocus camera complete with an LED flash, dualband HSDPA (900/2100), quadband GSM/EDGE, Wi Fi b/g and Bluetooth 2.1 EDR.

Outdoors and during the day, however, and results are more impressive; the Wildfire seems to handle colors better than some of its predecessors, and HTC’s modifications to the camera UI do at least allow for a little tweaking should the defaults not suit.

Video, meanwhile, is captured at a diminutive 352 x 288 and at around 15fps, with the resulting footage being as mediocre as you can probably predict.

HTC’s big change on the Wildfire is the new App Sharing tool, though it’s not exactly the most dramatic of applications.

Basically, it allows you to pick any third-party software you’ve downloaded from the Android Market and send a Twitter, SMS or other message to a friend suggesting they download it.

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