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The coalition of Greek forces (or Archaians as Homer often calls them) was led by King Agamemnon of Mycenae.Amongst the cities or regions represented were Boiotia, Phocia, Euboea, Athens, Argos, Corinth, Arcadia, Sparta, Kephalonia, Crete, Rhodes, Magnesia, and the Cyclades. Homer states an army of ‘tens of thousands’ or rather more poetically ‘as many [men] as the leaves and flowers that come in springtime’.Most of the Trojan War was in a fact a protracted siege, and the city was able to resist the invaders for so long principally because its fortifications were so magnificent.

Agreeing to this, the two warriors drew lots to see who would have first throw with their spear.The sword shattered, though, and fell in pieces into the dust.Menelaos then grabbed Paris’ helmet with his bare hands and proceeded to drag him from the field.If Paris had not swayed at the last moment, he would surely have been killed outright.However, Menelaos was not finished and with his sword he struck a fearful blow on the Trojan prince’s helmet.

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