House and cuddy dating

Let me develop: Add what happened in episodes 13 & 14 to what happened in episode 15, and you can fully grasp the reason Cuddy dumped House.

The pill of Vicodin was the trigger, but it was absolutely not the only reason. I’m pretty sure she would have stayed with him if Rachel wasn’t around.

Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) or, hey, what about Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard)?

The debate seems to pop up where fans gather, and we've brought it to this here forum for an official showdown, fueled by arguments submitted by you, the fans (which we read through, selected, and in some cases, trimmed a bit for time).

Also, I’m gonna add stuff that most people tend to forget as to why Cuddy broke up with House.

In the 15th episode of season 7, Cuddy breaks up with House because he couldn’t cope with her being very sick (the diagnosis for Cuddy when he goes to her hospital room is an advanced kidney cancer, so she might be dying at this point) without using. She clearly states in the following episode that she wants someone to be there for her physically and mentally, and that pill of Vicodin made him present for her physically but not mentally.

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Cameron has accepted House for who he is and has defended him numerous times to her fellow ducklings and even to Wilson and Cuddy, who always have plans for teaching House humility—Cameron to Cuddy: "Why does he need to be like other people?

"Although it may seem that House and Cameron's relationship will go no further than colleagues, it is evident that there is something more now that Cameron has become more confident and stronger.

The three characters snark at one another and flirt with one another often.

Canonically, Wilson has gone on a date with Cuddy and taken her out twice as friends, and seemed at one point to be in the running to father her child.

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