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hardtack & ship's biscuit, rusk, mandelbrot and zweiback all descend from this culinary lineage. and Canad." Why do we Americans choose "cookies" over "biscuits?

Unlike the demand for bread, there was little opportunity for cracker bakers to benefit form a home to factory movement.The development of cookies and crackers from these primitive beginnings is a history of refinements inspired by two different impulses--one plan and practical, the other luxurious and pleasure-loving.Savory crackers represent the practical and may well have been the first convenience foods: A flour paste, cooked once, then cooked again to dry it thoroughly, becomes a hard, portable victual with an extraordinarily long storage life--perfect for traveling....54) "After the Civil War, when the so-called 'traveling' market for biscuits and crackers began to decline, the industry adjusted itself to the new conditions by importing the machinery and methods for making English sweetened biscuits and yeast-raised crackers.In addition, during the late 1890s the National Biscuit Company introduced wrapping and packaging machines for cracker products, which were quickly adopted by other industry members." --ibid (p.

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