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If you then find work you should be employed under an award or industrial agreement where your rights are protected. You must be 18 years of age to drink alcohol on licensed premises.In some circumstances it may be legal to consume alcohol in a responsible manner on private property under the supervision of a responsible guardian.You must be 16 years of age before you can get a learner's licence.As a learner, once you have passed a driving test you may be granted a provisional licence.If a police officer has reasonable grounds to suspect that you may have committed an offence and intends to interview you or ask you any investigatory questions, this should be done in the presence of your parent or guardian or another responsible adult.

Your wishes in these situations are important and will be taken into account if the matter ever goes to court.

There are certainly families known as the "Black COWENS" and families known as the "White COWENS" still living in the district.

However the Aboriginality of "Granny BONE" as evidenced by her grandchildren and Great Grandchildren within the test is, to the Huon Aboriginal Community and to this writer, beyond doubt.

See the fact sheet on tattoos, piercing and body modifications for further information.

You are not allowed to drive a motor vehicle or ride a motor bike without a licence.

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