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I think this leads to people not really giving others a chance.It reminds me of that old TV show on MTV "Next" where someone would shout NEXT at the person who came off the bus because they didn't like a hair style or the shirt they were wearing.If nothing else, I'm glad online dating accelerated that going the way of the dodo.

I know those sub-cultures were small, but they filtered into the entire population. I think online dating has put a focus on looks for sure and has made everything rapid fire. Pro is that well you get to go on a lot more dates that people in the 90s and 80s probably were ever able to go on.They be the pursuers: messaging and asking out guys first (in theory; I still think few do in practice unfortunately).We've made the most progress by destroying the traditional date, especially regarding who pays.It's called the paradox of choice, and has been tested several times where people who go to stores to buy a certain product but don't know exactly what they want.Like they know they want jam but not the flavor, and the more choices they see, the less likely they are to choose any whatsoever. In ye olden tymes, do you imagine people walked across the bar to talk to someone they found ugly?

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