Founder dating events

When you do, attend a hackathon or work on long project together to test for fit.* Maintain motivation - hard and the only thing that enables you to keep cycling through the possibilities.

Founder Dating is not a bad way to meet people (and, as an aside, I've seen lots of good founding teams meet at hackathons, too). I think it's pretty clear that the goal is to get out there and start pitching your project to people and see who bites.I think it might have to do with the approach that they're using.When someone comes here and posts an Ask HN about how to find a cofounder, people frequently mention how it's important to actually have a working relationship with the person you're starting a company with.The possibility of encountering the triple coincidence of a free agent with the complementary skills you need, and an interest in your startup's particular space and stage is almost zero.I'd suggest:* Attend action focused events like hackathons or startup wknd where you can get at least a little sense of how potential partners work.* Minimize attendance at tech socials: they're mostly loud, biz-card waving, wastes of time, that get you no closer to getting a partner.* Buy time at a big coworking space for a few months, where you can have meaningful 1-to-1 interactions with a large cross-section of people over time.

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