Formview itemupdating objectdatasource

You can test: protected void Object Data Source1_Deleting(object sender, Object Data Source Method Event Args e) As to Delete Parameters of Object Data Source you can add it for some extra parameters the delete method may need: Allen, After much trial and testing, I got it all to work finally, including sensing when another user has made a change since retrieval (in the case of Delete) and entring Edit (in the case of Update). Selected Value in ine the case of the Select method.The 4 methods are set to xxx Security Role, where xxx = Get, Delete, Insert and Update.Here's the idea: protected void Form View1_Item Deleting(object sender, Form View Delete Event Args e) As to your new problem I suggest you to wait for the reply from newsgroup.

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Also, I noticed you removed the Update and Delete parameters. Thank you again for your help and I await your response.I have two dropdown lists in my master page used for searches: A Search For one (for Search Value) and a Search In one (for Search Field) as well as a Go button to perform the search.When I was using the Sql Data Source components earlier, all I had to do as add a "WHERE " to the Sql Data Source used by the gridview to zero in on the desired row.And which attribute would show the value (old value in this case)?="DELETE FROM [security_role] WHERE (LTRIM(RTRIM([security_cd])) = @original_security_cd) AND (LTRIM(RTRIM([security_description])) = @original_security_description) AND ([role_id] = @original_role_id)"="UPDATE [security_role] SET [security_description] = @security_description, [role_id] = @role_id WHERE ((LTRIM(RTRIM([security_cd])) = @original_security_cd)) AND (LTRIM(RTRIM([security_description])) = @original_security_description) AND [role_id] = @original_role_id"I set the parameters to the new values for Insert, old values for Delete and old and new (except for primary key, which is read-only) for Update.

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