First six months of dating

She says this is not an emotion at all, rather, it’s“a motivation system, it’s a drive, it’s part of the reward system of the brain.”And because of this, our bodies have actually evolved three core brain systems. Lust, sometimes called sex drive or libido, is often the first of these three stages (they can occur in any order) and is characterized by a craving of sexual gratification where the hormones testosterone and estrogen are released.

It’s these hormones that cause the excited “lustful” feelings you may have.

I feel two things could be working here to make this happen.

First, the desire to quickly ‘win’ the hand of a guy or girl supersedes the entire idea of building the foundation of a relationship.

Many of my clients have spent decades creating the “perfect” partner in their minds.

Some of them get so specific on surface criteria (height, weight, eye color, car they drive, income level, what kind of music they like, etc.) that I know they have a slim chance of meeting this person unless they actually build them in a factory.

One of the biggest things I teach my clients is to know your dating Non-Negotiables with a capital N.

These are also known as the “deal-breakers” in a relationship.

Like these videos, I believe our society’s overall dating attention spans are getting shorter and shorter each day.These partners come in many forms; for example, they might not have the height criteria they were looking for, but is still an amazing person and possibly partner.Unrealistic expectations in a partner can prompt, quick, and often unfair, dating decisions that can end quality relationships before they have a chance to blossom.Inside my Conscious Dating Programs, I share studies from Biological Anthropologist Dr.Helen Fisher, who is an expert on human behavior and how love affects our brain.

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