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) What should have been offered was two additional months for free.

Plus, throughout all of this, never once did they acknowledge the actual problem, only that they would “look into it.” I took off four stars for the glitchy app, and the terrible and unprofessional customer support.

In addition, only with the payment from members can we provide a better service without annoying ads, but with faster loading, more reliable profiles and more accurate recommendations.

VIP members can unlock all the amazing features: unlimited messages, check out who liked you and more, which can definitely speed up your way to love.

An app is no good if it doesn’t work, and after reading others reviews, it doesn’t sound like they’ve fixed a thing.

If your location is inaccurate with GPS on, it is most likely because your phone’s GPS is temporarily unavailable to acquire your exact position.

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Being ever so cautious I opted to start by doing some research. The common theme that kept coming up was “fat fetish”.I uninstalled and re-installed the app several times to no avail.Customer service is beyond slow and makes you feel like you’re the one that caused all the glitches in the design of their app.I don’t care if it’s what gets you off or if it makes recoil in disgust.All I hope is that if you do encounter articles or discussions about feedism, you can understand that some of us get real pleasure and experience real empowerment and happiness from it — we are not victims.

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