Expiration dating dietary supplements

You can also check with your pharmacist or healthcare provider for practical advice.(12) Ashely Koff, RD – CEO, The Better Nutrition Program – recommends the following when it comes to storing supplements, “avoid light and store away from the heat of a stove.

As a general recommendation, she also tells her patients to take some time to look at the expiration dates around spring cleaning and back-to-school times.Manufacturers have expiration dates on their products for a reason.If a supplement has changed colors, has an unusual odor, or mold – you definitely should not ingest it. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) actually sponsors a national drug take-back day.But if you accidentally take a supplement after it is listed to expire and it showed no signs of going bad, you don’t need to freak out. That being said, we always recommend you err on the side of caution and touch base with your healthcare provider or call the number of the supplement manufacturer for further guidance. The EPA and FDA both recommend not to flush expired vitamins or supplements down the toilet. When dietary supplements are flushed down the toilet, they pass through waste-water plants and may end up in rivers, lakes, and other parts of the water supply. National take-back day is a safe, convenient, and a responsible way to dispose of expired or unused supplements.(5)(6) Don’t feel comfortable disposing your old vitamins at home? You can also go to a local pharmacy or hazardous waste collection site (7), in-person at any time for proper disposal. You can visit their website to search for a collection site near you.

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