Expat forum dubai dating

“We have six other clients who were in advanced stages of planning to open more schools but have held back now.

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“We don’t ask people the reasons [why] they are leaving, but anecdotally people are saying it has to do with continued uncertainty in the job market,” she says.

Lured by the prospect of a tax-free salary, abundant job opportunities and relatively high standard of living, foreigners have come to the UAE in droves and made it their home.

An estimated 7.8 million of the country’s 9.2 million population are expats, according to the latest estimates, with Emiratis making up just 11 percent of the total.

Many others leave their families behind and work as taxi drivers and construction labourers, earning higher wages than they would back home so they can send their children to school.

However, with a steep rise in living costs, increased efforts to nationalise the workforce and persistently low oil prices, changes are afoot.

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