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Once here I popped the zip code in and all the surrounding counties are now being scanned.

I did notice that TN THP seemed to pop up a bit early in the scan list.

You can download the drivers by clicking The HP-1 with GPS is exactly how traveling should be with a scanner!

After getting about 3/4 of the way to my destination I suddenly realized how much communications I had missed in all my previous trips down here, it was amazing!

I don\'t like traveling with my hand-held scanners since they don\'t offer the same performance and features as my base/mobile scanners do. I\'ve never used the HP-1 as a mobile radio yet but I would think it might need an external speaker, probably amplified, in order to be heard in a vehicle.

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San Disk Extreme 60GB SSD60GB R211 Firmware ISO San Disk Extreme 120GB SSD120GB R211 Firmware ISO San Disk Extreme 240GB SSD240GB R211 Firmware ISO San Disk Extreme 480GB SSD 480GB R211 Firmware ISO Step 2 - Burn the saved image file to a CD/DVD with another software application then boot from the CD and perform the firmware update. When the update is completed, Press ENTER to shutdown computer. Remove the boot CD/DVD from the drive and restart computer.With the firmware disk inserted Press and hold the "C" key while the computer restarts. After restart, your system will boot to the San Disk Firmware Updater 2. Select the drive you want to update from the list displayed. It couldn\'t have been any easier, just click on the desired agencies and channels and that was it.Not having to enter the correct channel spacing, FM-mode selection, CTCSS/DCS codes, or any of the other, sometimes tedious, entries that need to be made when manually (or via software) programming a traditional scanner make using this radio a complete joy.

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