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She was born in 1960 in Sweden, and her film debut was Emmanuelle IV (1984), in which she grabbed the role that made Sylvia Kristel famous.

In the late ‘70s he worked with famous actors such as Alain Delon [in The Concorde Airport ’79 (1979)] and Ursula Andress [in The Fifth Musketeer (1979)].It led the way for numerous erotic films to flood the market [Jaeckin also made Histoire D'o (1975) which was also based upon a provocative novel], and it was only a matter of time before various sequels materialized (official and unofficial).And then there was the Black Emanuelle (note the difference in the spelling).Two years later she was directed by Alfonso Brescia in Hell in Normandy (1968) and by Bruno Corbucci in The Longest Hunt (1968).She was the first actress to play Emmanuelle, in the book’s first screen adaptation, A Man for Emmanuelle (1969), although horror movie fans mostly remember Umberto Lenzi’s So Sweet... During the 1970s she worked with practically every genre film director in Italy.

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