Edward norton dating evan rachel wood

Childhood Evan Rachel Wood was born in Raleigh, California.

Her parents are actors/directors Ira David Wood III and Sarah Lynn Moore.

However, it seems even the newest of programmes has still not pulled itself into the 21st Century with one of the show’s main female protagonists, Evan Rachel Wood revealing she was not paid the same as her male co-stars.

Evan Rachel Wood has not been paid the same as her male co-stars in Westworld The actress, who plays Dolores in the hit show, will be paid as the same as the male protagonists beginning from the third series.

In 2008 she appeared in Darren Aronofsky's 'The Wrestler' as the daughter of actor Mickey Rourke.

The film won the Golden Lion Award for Best Film at the Venice Film Festival.

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They parted permanently towards the end of that year.

Wood did voice over work for an alien called Mala in 2008's 'Battle for Terra'.

The film won the 2008 Grand Prize at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

The same year, Wood starred in sci-fi movie 'S1m0ne'.

2003 saw the release of controversial film 'Thirteen' in which Wood starred as one of two teenagers who fall into the world of hard drugs, sex and violence.

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