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An unexpected phone call gets her to the examination room, but she arrives to find she’s not the only patient with a crush on Dr. Contents: The Girl in Town, Two Voyeur Experiences, He shared me with his friend, Confessions of running an escort agency..much more!

Here are 25 very explicit erotica stories from Naughty Daydreams Press.


Update: So thanks to the few who alerted me i noticed that the old link was down.

There are also guides on how to install Android on kindle or simply removing DRM on your e Books you might have, in any case i wouldn't worry about kindle suing your ass for using it for pirated content.

Edit: Also, Calibre is your best friend in removing DRM and organizing/converting all your ebooks.

From first anal sex to gang bangs, from wife-sharing double team sex to first lesbian sex, and from blisteringly rough sex to sweet interludes, this collection is sure to please.

The cute coed thinks it's nothing, but it will change her forever.

Two big, hulking, bronzed aliens who turn into dragons. However, growth serums are now illegal, but prisoners are shrunken down based on crimes. Twenty years ago at the highly-secretive prison known as the Scarlet Hole, a woman grew to 1,000 feet tall, then mysteriously vanished.

The Zorahn wanted women for some kind of super-secret science experiment, and I volunteered. But they promised we’d be safe, and they offered a lot of money. Now, the prison is operational again, home for some of the worst inmates on the planet.

Josh met Drew for the first time at his sister's wedding to the 27-year-old marine.

The 18-year-old Josh, a college freshman, is on Christmas break and offers to help Drew move his belongings from Denver to San Diego.

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