Difference between validating and non validating parsers with xml

xmltex implements a non validating parser for documents matching the W3C XML Namespaces Recommendation.The system may just be used to parse the file (expanding entity references and normalising namespace declarations) in which case it records a trace of the parse on the terminal.Unfortunately the support for this method of building xmltex (and access to non English hyphenation generally) is not fully designed and totally undocumented.xmltex by default `knows' nothing about any particular type of XML file, and so needs to load external files containing specific information.However such a format would have no convenient commands for typesetting, and so normally xmltex will be used on top of an existing format, normally La Te X.In this section we assume that the document to be processed is called .

For example a file loaded for a particular document type may directly execute .

More information on XML can be found in our XML Tutorial. Expat is an event-based parser, it views an XML document as a series of events.

When an event occurs, it calls a specified function to handle it.

In either case, a separate configuration file specific to the given XML document may also be used (which is loaded immediately after ).

xmltex package files are the link between the XML markup and Te X typesetting code.

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