Did jake gyllenhaal dating reese witherspoon first internet dating

This might stir some doubts though, especially when you relate to the last time he dated someone such young (Taylor Swift).

But judging from how fast their relationship is flourishing, there seems to be quite some hope in this one.

Reportedly, the two have been having a pretty good time jetting all around the world.

They have been spotted in London, Greece, and recently in Paris, France.

Well, it is no secret that he is among .’When we look at Jake Gyllenhaal now at 38, we have to admit that his beauty is not about to fade any time soon!

It is also said a good number of songs in her recent album, If you want to face Jake Gyllenhaal’s wrath, ask him about his love life –most precisely about his past relationship with his EX, Taylor Swift!

Incidentally, Jake has never liked it when someone asked about his personal life.

His personal life, however, remains more of a mystery to most.

Here are some interesting facts about his love-life that every Jake Gyllenhaal fan should know.

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