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The documentary includes interviews with Whedon, novelist Anne Rice, actors Gary Oldman, Willem Defoe and Robert Patrick, and a whole host of others. There’s something about it that goes on this deeper level that resonates with people.” One of the threads running through the documentary series is how different artists have used vampirism as a metaphor for the human condition.Landau said she hasn’t found a distributor yet, but thinks it would be ideal for a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon. Charlaine Harris’ series of books that inspired the HBO show “True Blood” used vampirism as a metaphor for how gay people are treated.Astor is an excruciatingly awkward character and his fumbling attempts to apply Cali's various pieces of advice to pick up womyn had me repeatedly hiding my face in my hands and laughing uncomfortably.Kranz delivers a tremendous performance that resonates with people's experiences of struggling with confidence and navigating the ins and outs of dating/relationships.At the end of assignment these dolls are mind-wiped, regressing them to a child-like state, then sent 'home' to a futuristic dormitory-cum-laboratory called The Dollhouse.

“He once said, ‘I tell people that ‘Buffy’ was about high school as a nightmare.’ Everybody can relate to that experience.

“It’s infinitely fascinating and gives us a prism to look at so many different parts of soceity.” One of the interviewees in the series is director Tim Burton, with whom Landau worked on the 1994 movie “Ed Wood,” about the notorious B-movie director.

Landau’s father, the late Martin Landau, won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for playing Bela Lugosi in the film.

On the hit show, which ran from 1997-2003, Landau played Drusilla (or “Dru” to fans), a vampire villainess who had been a creature of the night since she was “turned” in 1860s London. The show still airs in sindication, new stories are being told in graphic novels, and Entertainment Weekly recently reunited the cast for a 20th anniversary cover story.

At conventions like Madison’s Wizard World Comic Con, where Landau will appear this weekend, fans who watched the show when they were in their teens and 20s are just as enthused as they were in the 1990s.

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