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The material properties of dental devices directly dictate how they can be manufactured or processed.

A 2017 article in the points to the need for innovation in RPDs, highlighting the negative health consequences associated with metal RPDs and the need for advances in both materials and processing for RPDs.

The combination of the expanding partially edentulous patient population and the material drawbacks of current denture materials is a call to arms to the dental community to address the complications of current RPDs, low patient satisfaction, and lack of compliance.

There is a clear need for a prosthodontic frame solution that supports oral health and encourages patient compliance, resulting in overall better health outcomes after tooth loss or absence.

It’s true that patients now have more options for RPDs than they did generations ago. Overall, Ultaire AKP is designed to enhance the rigidity of the polymer to be supportive and have a very long lifetime, but at the same time, have some flexibility and elasticity.

But to date, none of the available choices has offered a hassle-free solution. It is non-pyrogenic, non-mutagenic, and non-catatoxic. One perceived drawback of high-performance polymers may be their relative newness.

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