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Khreschatyk is the main street of Kiev, so living here you will constantly be in the center of all events.The hotel is only a minute away from Maidan – the main Square of the country.Small reservoirs for water supply also are found near Kryvyy Rih, Kharkiv, and other industrial cities.Three large artesian basins—the Volyn-Podilsk, the Dnieper, and the Black Sea—are exceptionally important for municipal needs and agriculture as well.

in December 1991, Ukraine gained full independence.

The rivers are most important as a water supply, and for this purpose a series of canals has been built, such as the Donets–Donets Basin, the Dnieper–Kryvyy Rih, and the North Crimea.

Several of the larger rivers are navigable, including the Dnieper, Danube, Dniester, Pripet (Pryp’yat), Donets, and Southern Buh (in its lower course).

Like the Dnieper, the Danube River flows along the southwestern frontier of Ukraine.

Marshland, covering almost 3 percent of Ukraine, is found primarily in the northern river valleys and in the lower reaches of the Dnieper, Danube, and other rivers.

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